Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm like the cheerleader... but without the whole cheer thing.

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to watch an all girls football scrimmage. Sweaty girls running around half tackling each other and falling all over the place?! Awesome!! I love them girls that are athletic. It's something I envy since I was always the bookish/cheerleader type. You know, the cheerleader without the cheer, because being peppy and enthusiastic took way too much damn energy and I was just to cool to be jumping up and down for retarded boys. But I look good in a damn short skirt. Not that I ever wore a cheerleader outfit... but I was some sort of cheerleader in elementary school and middle school and now that's too far for me to remember and talk about how that happened.

I blame it on my mom that I'm not as outdoorsy or athletic as I should be. She was nervous that I'd hurt myself. So all I did during elementary school that was sportsy was Chinese jump rope. Are you done laughing yet? During middle school I was too awkward to join any clubs. I got rejected from chorus.... let me know when you finish laughing again... and I was too utterly busy being amused by Mikki beating up girls that were bigger than her. Now I know most mothers are freakishly over protective of their daughters sometimes but you do know that my mom started a cult right? That's how influential she is. Also, me being hit by a football right smack on the nose in elementary school made me realize that holy crap my mom is right and I will never get near something so hard and stupidly fun in my life. In any case, every time someone tries to throw a football (or any type of ball), plush or not at me I just move out of the way and let it bounce right by me. So when I got asked to play as well, I had to stop myself from saying HELLLLLLLLLLL NO to the girls' faces. I just smiled and shook my head.

My view from the sideline was better anyway.
By the way, the sight of a bunch of 5 foot 100lb something Asian girls taking down a team bigger than them? Priceless.


amazing said...

aaahhahaha so THAT'S why you didn't like making wavs files for me back in the day! you got rejected by the chorus!! but if you're still not big on it, i just wanna say that you are a great singer. utada hikaru... "first love"... *sigh*... ;P

sports is fun though. it's never too late to start! heck, i just talked to one of my co-workers approximately a month ago about possibly joining a corporate softball league during the spring time; that is if we can get enough people! (i work in a predominantly female company, so the previous attempt in january didn't exactly go too well. lol.)

maybe you'd want to join if your company wants to start one up? my sister joined hers (down in the d.c. area ;)) and apparently had crazy fun playing softball. HEY! maybe your company might play hers! :O that'd be strange as hell...

honglien123 said...

Hmm, my mom was like that and I blame my inability to lose baby fat on her. For my kid? If she breaks a leg playing a sport, I would be proud...I think.

amazing said...

You're not gonna believe this. I tried using the computer before work this morning, and what does it do? It kept shutting down on me! bwahaha RIDICULOUS! i'm gonna have to call up HP's tech support tonight and see what the deal is. The computer makes beeping noises every time i turn it on :(

got damn, man.

Mikki said...

Wow.. i remember those days... not so much anymore since we are getting a tad rusty on the rebellious side. I know i cant say much to you about sports since im not a big fan myself. umm..come to think about it. does watching sports count as playing sports?.. It's about the same right.. just not the physical part. =P