Friday, January 05, 2007

New Friends

Almost everyone that I am friends with from my old city, I've met pre-college days. With that, I've known everyone for at least 8 years... wow, so I pretty much "grew up" with my friends. It's hard making new friends and being yourself (retarded) in front of people you just met. Lately, after the holidays, the people we've been sorta, kind-a, not-really, hanging out with are married couples! What would I have to talk about to married couples?

Luckily... they have kids. 8, 5 and 1. They love me, I DDR (and lose) with them, watch cartoon/kids shows with them, play Foosball (and lose) with them, play a weird version of ping pong (and lose) with them, run up and down 3 flights of stairs, play ring around the rosey, etc., etc... all while the "grown-ups" chit chat.

Sigh... at this rate, I'll still be growing up with my "friends".


twocentsworth said...

hey, this married guy and his wife both still play ddr, play the wii, and watch cartoons... we don't have much to say to other married couples... lol.

honglien123 said...

Ditto on this married couple, actually I don't know of any young married couples who don't. Maybe it's not that they're married, it's that they're older (unless they had that 8 year old REALLY young).