Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whoa - 7 Years in 5 Days.

I just had to review the last 7 years of my life for my new job. It came out to be 38 pages long.
In the past 7 years I have:

  • Moved approximately 7 times
  • Was on and off jobs about 6 times
  • Went to 4 different colleges
  • Called 6 different people/places to clarify dates
  • AIM M.K.W. 10000 times to clarify dates
  • Checked my Xanga to clarify dates (sad that I have to check my own blog to remember things)
  • Checked my EMail for peoples' names
  • Had to pull my credit report
I've realized that there are NOT a lot of people I can put as references as to where I've been, etc., etc., I just used the same 4 people over and over again.
I've also realized that if I do not constantly blog about what's going on in my life, there is no way in hell I will remember any events in my life, not even the freaking important ones. Remember the teachers in junior and high school where they use to talk about their lives and give dates... like, I remember in June of 1954 I was blah blah blah... it amazes me that people can do that!!
In any case, I better keep my blog updated so if I ever have to go through this again I have something to check up against.

Since Mr. Dad has been in town, we've been hanging out with him and the other relatives lately. I have some great Mr. Dad stories I need to start sharing before I forget!!

I did want to share this one story though... I was sitting in one of the aunt's living room watching the football game when Mr. Man T's cousins started talking... I only first caught bits and pieces of the conversation since I was trying to concentrate on the game via the fuzzy t.v. All of a suddenly I hear:
cousin 1: What did you wear?
cousin's 2 bf: He-he, nothing.
cousin 1: NOTHING!? HAHAHA
cousin's 2 bf: no no, I mean, just plain clothes, nothing special, not nothing - nothing! hehe
cousin 2 looking at me: we went to a S&M party.


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