Tuesday, May 06, 2008

okay real update

Technically, i could just AIM msg Flushie and tell him all about what's going on since he is the only one who reads my blog... but I GUESS i'll just post for the heck of it.

I recently received an offer for a position at an Alaskan Native company doing Program Control work. It's a smaller company but the pay is AWESOME. Well, okay maybe not awesome, but I'm finally at market value which means i can finally pay off credit card bills for good AND have the possibility of buying a house next year!

Things are moving very well (career wise) for me. Hopefully this move to the company is a good one. I start on the 19th, wish me luck!

Also, i just came back from Atlantis in the Bahamas. Which was my first trip out of North America and i got my first stamp on my passport. Atlantis... was awesome. They have great pools and easy access to the beach, and by easy i mean like i looked out my window and there was the freaking beach!!!

I went on most of the water slides which was scary and fun at the same time. I tanned, i burnt, i went snorkeling which is kind of freaking scary. Jumped waves, ran away from attacking seagulls and enjoyed the ocean view out on a boat. It was SOOOOOOO nice to just lay out in the sun. Although it is so NOT nice that my skin is peeling. Pretty gross actually.

So here is a picture of the view we had from our hotel balcony!


aMAZing said...

hahaha well considering the fact that neither of us are online THAT much anymore (at least compared to 8 years ago), we can't just go online and expect the other to be sitting in front of the computer and chatting away with friends. ain't happening 'cause we're growing... *gasp*... old!!

but CONGRATULATIONS on moving onto a company with a higher pay! i'm not sure how small a "smaller company" is, but hope it's got some stability and good benefits to go along with the increase in salary =)

i didn't realize you had never gone out of the continent before though. born up north, grew up in the northeast, and now you're in central east... and you went on a vacation to bahamas. sounds good to me!! if it makes you any jealous, we had some pretty good weather up here in the past week too... although probably laughable compared to what you experienced down there. lol. BOOOOO!!

my company's having a 50th anniversary celebration in japan this december. we're in may already and we STILL haven't heard who from the company's being invited! 'cause they obviously can't send 300+ people over there, ya know?

i guess with me being japanese, i have a better chance of going compared to someone who's not... but if i were to get invited, i'm only gonna go if some people i'm REAL cool with get to go too. i'd have to re-new my passport also. that ish has been expired for years now. lol.

it'd be cool if i'm invited, but i'm not gonna fuss over it if i don't. i'll keep you in the loop. maybe i can get you some anime dvds or something over there for you. hahaha.

it's always nice to see how your friends who you rarely get to talk to are doing =)

hanh said...


aMAZing said...

jealous of what, the possibility of me going to japan? lol. ask your new boss if there's ever going to be a conference or a meeting in japan =) (just don't get fired doing that. haha.)

twocentsworth said...

congratulations on the new job... and atlantis eh? that musta been awesome. did you get to swim with the sharks... er... dolphins?