Monday, March 07, 2011

the Venue!

Happy March everybody! Do you know what that means? It means winter is almost over and allergies have already begun. Fun times. Well, it's been a month, but we do have our venue and the contract has been signed as of February. I just never got around on updating this blog... work has been busy and now a days work > blogging. Do you remember back in the day when blogging > work? That's why i make the big bucks now... wait.. that didn't make any sense... okay i'm rambling.. and am "writing" in long run-on sentences. BUT the point is we have the venue! AND it's already MARCH! That means only 5, i repeat 5 more months until i get married. eeek. i don't think it actually hit me until my friend said "after your married" because usually we talk about when you have your wedding.. and talk has been about the wedding.. but marriage wasn't really brought up. I know, it should be one of the same.. but somehow, "wedding" just became a huge expensive event that i am dragging my feet on planning and marriage is like EEEK, holy crap.

So that's where i am... next post, wedding dress! or should i say.. marriage dress!