Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Guess who's getting this for FREE99???
(Damn that picture came out bigger than expected)
((Flushie, expect a call from me in a few months))
Moshi! Moshi!!??


Amazing said...

aaaahahahhahahaha!!! i've actually seen these rosetta stone thingies up for downloads at this hip hop message board i frequent, but no one seemed to have been interested in japanese though. everyone wanna be learning french and spanish.

while you're learning japanese (and i can help you with that :P), wanna teach me some vietnamese? one of my friend's friends is this fiiiiiiiiine vietnamese girl. i wanna say something to her other than "i love you" because, uh, that'd be highly inappropriate. she might smack me. lol.

and why does it seem like the only words every non-japanese person knows are "konnichiwa," "sayonara," and "moshi moshi" of all things?! hahaha.

Hanh said...

Dude, you know i know more than that. baka!

Why can't you just speak english to the Vietnamese girl!?
Typical that guys want to learn a language just to flirt. At least I have a good reason to learn Japanese.

amazing said...

lol my bad... i forgot you were more advanced than others when it comes to japanese because of your obsession with naruto and other anime ;P (if you wanna talk about classics, you should try watching Doraemon. it's like every japanese kid's favorite character!!)

hey, nothing wrong with being multilingual and trying to impress the ladies. haha. but what makes you think i wanna flirt with this vietnamese girl, huh? what if i like someone already? did you think about that? ;P

Hanh said...

flushie has a girrrrrlfriend?!?! must

amazing said...

do imaginary girlfriends count? because i'm a pimp in my fantasy world.