Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On the look out for FOOD:

It is true, I've led a sad life. There are a lot of foods I didn't get to eat until I was working and semi out of college. In my family, there was no such thing as eating out at restaurants- not with 7 kids. Even when my older brother and sister had a job they never took me out to eat!! WHAT!! So when I made enough money I pretty much spent it all on food... what can I say, food is my first love.

Even with money I didn't get to experience a lot of food since I came from a small city. I did find all the local yumyums and finally realized small mom and pop restaurants had way better food than the big chains. There are two types of food that I think about now and then and actually feel a little sad that I didn't have a chance to eat it when i was younger.

One is SUSHI... man, I can still hardly afford sushi dinners... now a days I see h.s. kids all up in those restaurants and I think wth!??? Yeah, I'm pretty bitter that I came from big poor family.

The second food is girl scout cookies... people always always talked about girl scout cookies, i never got to taste them until i started a real full time job!! I didn't even know what those stupid boxes looked like... i never had a girl scout come knocking on my door selling those suckers. Anyway, come the job and a mother is selling it for her daughter- i figured they HAD to be good, everyone talked about them, and2.50 a box?? MAD CHEAP!! So i bought 5 boxes...and ate them all... and then learned that that drug only came around like once a year. So the next year i stocked up and bought 10 boxes!!!!!!! Man, thinking back... i can remember how happy and pudgy i was... mmm...

After that first job, no one sold girl scout cookies to me (again)...which was weird, because, we moved to a better neighborhood... and we all know girl scouts come from the better neighborhoods!! Anyway... i didn't think about them damn cookies again until this year. When i heard people in the office talking about it, and telling each other that their boxes came in. Man I was sad... I was SO SAD. Ask Mr Man T. I talked about it... which caused him to steal a half eaten box from his job, but whatever! I was so happy when i saw that box...but still sad that i couldn't buy all the different flavors and knew i had to savor that box so i ate like 3... and put the box away.

Come last weekend when we had to go to Walmart for some diet stuff and Hallelujah!!! Girl scouts selling girl scout cookies outside the freaking store (i don't know how they landed that location). So the little hyperactive girls were like, WANNA BUY SOME GIRL SCOUT COOOOKIES?!?! ::SMILESMILESMILE:: and i'm like YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

and now here i am trying to eat girl scout cookies and type in my blog about my love for them.

i think my keyboard is broken, honey what did you do to it?!?!!!

oh yeah, so the point of this post is that if anyone knows of any food that you think i may have not tried or eaten yet, please please please let me know so i can leave this darkness behind me forever.


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honglien123 said...

Oh...don't even TELL me about the girl scout cookies. My daughter asked me if she could join. We didn't let her, we think she's too young...the HUBS made that decision, I was SO disappointed, all I could think about were the cookies. We don't see them that often around here either, weird.