Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fa la la la LA la.....

Wow, I miss blogging.

Haven't had the chance to sit alone to type out my thoughts lately. I've actually been busy with after work activities. I've seen a musical, went to the zoo and saw squirrels, had home cooked meals again, been drinking more *yay*, and finally been getting a regular dose of SC.

So - did I ever tell you about the time I got stuck in an elevator for about 2 minutes? I don't know why, but i thought about this event when i was stepping out of the office elevator on my way into work.

So we're at D's apartment downtown right? And i remember someone carrying a laundry basket. And for some reason, the guys think its funny and fun to jump up and down in the elevator as it's going up.

boingy boingy boingy.

The elevator stops.


We pry open the elevator door to find that we're stuck half way between floors.

Laundry basket goes up and out first. Everyone else follows.

We had to take the stairs the rest of the way.

The guys still thought it was funny and fun.

So - will you guys be decking the halls with balls of jolly this year?

la la la la...

edit: wait... balls of jolly?! wtf?!


aMAZing said...

hey woman, if you miss blogging, blog more! if you don't write something for a long period of time, people are gonna eventually forget about you! but since i enjoy stalking you, you will never be forgotten. lol. (i hope my comments just scared you.)

what musical did you see? i've always wanted to watch "les miserables," and me and my homegirl had plans to go this summer, except the tickets were $100 a piece. SHEESH! needless to say, we didn't go =(

what the heck's wrong with your people, messing around in the elevator like that? heh. doing that is dangerous. i mean, just imagine if one of the cables is loose and it snaps? you'd fall a couple of floors, and suffer broken legs and ish if you're LUCKY.

hanh said...

I also want to watch Les Miserables - i rented the movie once and it was boring as shit though. But who wouldn't want to watch a musical about a hooker?

Look I can comment again!

aMAZing said...

lol you and your corrupted little mind. "a musical about a hooker"?! this movie's all about that "on my own" joint! well, that and "castle on a cloud" -- i'm feeling that one too! there's no way i'm dropping a ben franklin on a ticket... unless someone else was paying =D

so you friggin' comment on a day i was in a meeting ALL DAY. i must've sat in front of my computer for a grand total of an hour and a half today!!

i'm going to st. louis next week. wanna come with me? i think it's gonna be FREEZING =(((