Sunday, December 09, 2007

social netbooking

I'm thinking about joining Facebook.

Should i!?

How else would i keep track of my 5 friends??


amazing said...

facebook? ahhaha. say "no" to these networking sites! i actually had like five people ask me to create an account there too, but i declined because i already have a myspace -- that's enough for me.

remember asianavenue from back in the day? lol. that ish was wack. i remember this one dude, in his dorm, had a green asianavenue street sign hanging from his wall.

don't tell me you're going to say goodbye to blogspot if you get a facebook though =/

Hanh said...

heck no am i getting rid of my blog! do you know how long and agonizing it was for me to switch from xanga to blogspot? facebook is just another time waster for me. i can't believe you have myspace though. quit myspace and join facebook w/ me!

amazing said...

hahaha switching from xanga to blogspot = get ya azn pass revoked!! no wonder why it was so hard for you =P

i wasn't LOOKING to create an account at myspace, for your info! i gave in to peer pressure.. lol.. but it won't happen again unless my "friends" on there all end up migrating to facebook.

and what makes you think you're so special that i would join facebook for you, but not to anyone else who had asked in the past? write me a 200-word essay, in detail, of a reason why i should create an account. then i'll either approve or reject it. lol.

mazzie = bossy =)

amazing said...

how ironic. at the end of the day yesterday, a few of my co-workers started talking about facebook and how i should create an account there. one comment i received: "myspace is laaaaaame! facebook is where it's at!"

i just rolled my eyes at her.

the point i'm trying to make in this comment? you jinxed me with your facebook entry!!

Hanh said...

for real. just cancel gayspace and join facebook! come on, even I wouldn't join myspace ;)

...dude i lost my access to leave comments again -_-

aMAZing said...

not trying to defend myspace, but look at you taking lame shots at the site. lol =P either way i can't cancel that account! i got a whopping... *checks*... 25 friends on there!! =(

seriously, you cursed me. a co-worker -- a different one from monday -- mentioned something about me getting a facebook account for the second straight day yesterday!! GRR...

what the heck is the IT department at your company doing. haha. do they ban certain websites whenever they feel like it, then give employees full access without notice?? =P