Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toys for Tots

We grew up poor.

We went from 3 kids living in the suburbs of Wisconsin to 7 kids in the projects of MA.
For some reason - I remember having Christmas trees during the holidays in Wisconsin.
In MA - none. I was never really sad over it. I was pretty oblivious to the fact that people were out shopping for gifts for everyone in their family. That everyone was "suppose to" not only receive a present, but little stocking stuffers and give gifts as well. In the poor-dung days during the Christmas season my mom would sign up for some charity and some random white dude with his kid would come around our house and give us presents for Christmas! I think this only happened two or three times and for the life of me I cannot remember what the toys were... but the important thing was how excited and happy i felt when this random dude would come with toys. Of course back then all I cared was about the toys and not where it came from or why it came, but years later i finally realized and appreciated this whole toys for tots thing.

So kids, yes, Christmas may be all commercialized and what not - but do you know how much happiness a shiny toy can bring to a kid?!

When I grew up and finally started making the mula - i found toys for tots through my work place and donated toys every year.

Well - this year, my company did NOT have a big box for TFT!! I was shocked, i was saddened, i was mad...
Okay so i looked up my company and they DID do TFT but just not at my location. Anyway, i googled all this TFT stuff and all the places that were participating were already finished!

I'm going to call a few places tomorrow that are on the website and hopefully they are still participating. If not, i'm going to be reaaaaaaal sad this year.

So people please, donate to a organization that participates in spreading some holiday cheer. Look how well i grew up because of it!

.... it's really hard to blog and sc at the same time.


amazing said...

maaan, i knew you grew up poor but i didn't know it was to THAT extent. didn't realize how rough of a childhood you had growing up in the projects. after all these years though, i'm definitely proud of you for making it this far in life, and trying to do more for others who are currently in a similar situation. *sheds tear*... you're so sweet!!

how about this holiday, you dress up as santa to bring joy into more kids' lives instead of playing sc? haha. (oooooh, low blow!!!)

twocentsworth said...

good for you!