Monday, January 28, 2008

::looks around::

Holy crap! Where did the month ago. I enjoyed the month of January. Why? I got to see Micky. 27 years of my life and i finally got to see Micky.

Yes kids, going to Disney Land/World and seeing all the Disney characters is a big deal- not everyone has the privilege and means to go. Some of us played with the floor for means of fun and entertainment. I don't know why I said floor, but i don't really remember playing with anything when i was younger. I just remember books. Anyway, so go thank your parents if they took you to crazy Disney. That's a lot of money for a lot of walking.

If not, wait for your significant other to take you.

Thanks hun (and his family members).


tt said...

toon town forever!

aMAZing said...

haha well that's great that you got to see mickey after all these years!

personally, i've never been a fan of that character... probably because when i was like two feet tall, someone got me a stuffed mickey that was like three feet tall and the thing had ostrich legs. its thin, dangling legs were as tall as me! THAT FREAKED ME OUT!! =(

no disney for me in the future, whether i have kids or not. they can stick to listening to soundtracks, which is exactly what i did =)