Friday, February 22, 2008

feed me to love me

Hello blogster, how i miss thee...
let me count the ways.

Anyway, i just woke up and thought...i wonder how many people saw this:
and then got to eat it 16 minutes later. freaking delicious.

i miss food.

So i trust everyone had a good valentine's day? no hearts broken? Good. I went to the dentist, got a filling, went grocery shopping and then got served dinner. Crab cake.... sooo delicious, i never knew it'd be so easy to make crab cake... well what am i saying, i still don't know how to make it, but it looks easy. anyway, it was sooooooo delicious i had the bf make it again a few days later, hahaha, i'm a fat kid trying to get out.

and so work is going pretty well... um... i moved to a new apartment... my karaoke system works now... i got rock band... that's all that's new with me.

you guys?

:chirp chirp chirp:



aMAZing said...

holy crap, a post by sleepyhead!! =0

yo, the last time i ate a non-blue crab, it was one of these thick-shelled ones (similar to yours but not the same)... and my gosh, the flavor was soooooo friggin' bland that i'm afraid to eat'em again! blegh. considering how delicious yours was, i'm afraid to know how much it costs. lol.

my valentine's day consisted of going to dinner with a male colleague of mine and two female co-workers from japan who were in the u.s. for two weeks. it wasn't a double date, don't get me wrong! i unintentionally scheduled a dinner with them, not realizing it was v-day. erf. i'm hoping they didn't get the wrong idea. haha.

then after that i went to chill at some of my co-workers' hotel rooms 'cause they were txting me throughout the dinner, telling me to stop by for drinks. jack & cokes + jose cuervo = complete obliteration + no recollection of the night...

i was apparently hooking up with a female co-worker (someone told me about it -- whether to believe her or not is a huge question!). that's a "holy shit!" thing in itself because i don't remember it taking place, but i DO remember trying to lean against what i thought was a wall... but it turned out to be the doorway to the bathroom. erf. i fell flat onto the tiles on my tailbone, and eight days later, i still can't sit normally. if you haven't had one before, a bruised tailbone is PAINFUL!!! =(((

well, regardless of what happened at the hotel, at least the cute japanese girl i went to dinner with that v-day night gave me a chocolate =)

don't get me started on the rock band/guitar hero stuff, though. i played guitar hero 3 on the wii a few weeks back for the first time ever, and let me tell you, that game is IMPOSSIBLE.

i guess it doesn't help that i'm not really a fan of rock. heh. i have no desire to play these songs on a guitar, much less a toy one. but if they one day make disney karaoke hero or some ish, i'd be all over it. lol.

sheeeit, i should've just made this a xanga entry or something.

Hanh said...

seriously, who blogs in someone else's comment box??? =]