Saturday, March 08, 2008

i miss...

talking... without worrying.


aMAZing said...

heh i don't know what specifically you're referring to, but yeah, the more people you get to know and the closer you get to them, the more you have to restrict yourself from saying certain things. that = drama! kinda like myspace and facebook ;P

speaking of, what's up with 3/4 of that certain facebook community being officers? lol. no, i didn't get an account; i checked it using my sister's ;P

it's funny how i remember 98% of the people on there, though. i can still match their screen names with their actual names!!

Anonymous said...

napoleon complex.

aMAZing said...

Otokonoko = boy = 男子 (Danshi)
Onnanoko = girl = 女子 (Jyoshi)

In case you were interested, that's a shorter way of saying "boy" and "girl"... which might help you memorize it more easily =P Although I guess it's not as widely used, it's the more formal way of saying it.

Dansei = man = 男性
Jyosei = woman = 女性

Change your browser settings to Japanese if you can't read the characters =P