Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Say wikiwikiwhaaat

Okay, so i totally didn't post before the new year. OOPS.

This blog is about to get heavy duty on everything wedding. I need a place to put down all my ideas and my brain just isn't doing it for me.
After the new year, our good friend was like, YOU GUYS HAVE TO BOOK A VENUE. It's true, we had less than a year to plan this day that will cost us more than fifteen thousand dollars. You see how I made that seem like such a big important number? Because it is, because if i said 15k, people would be like oh 15k, but if i said fifteen thousand dollars that's a damn car, that's a down payment on a house, that's maybe half of a semester of college. ALL. ON. ONE. DAY.
Fifteen THOUSAND Dollars PLUS.

I'm hoping we keep at that range, but it looks like with the venue & food alone, that is what we will spend. So that doesn't even count, rings, clothes, decor, etc. etc.

The wedding industry (as pretty as it all is) is totally ridiculous!

Oh well - I should try to enjoy it.

Make it rain ya'll

Speaking of ka-ching ba-ling. Check out this website i just found. Asians love giving and receiving dollar dollar bills - this calculates how much. How accurate do you think it is?

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