Thursday, January 20, 2011

the Venue Part Deux

Or Part DUH!

So, can I vent a little bit? The last post I was all like, "I got a venue!!!!!!!". Today, I'm like uhh i don't really have a venue, do i have a venue? ::bangs head::

It came down to receiving our quote from our caterer. Remember the budget of fifteen thousand dollars. Well the caterer came out to be fifteen thousand dollars.. so what the?!? I had to rethink... and then all of suddenly i was searching for venues again, i found parks and someone offered up her sister's HUGE 3 acre backyard, and bbq caterers and more restaurants and and and

i thought i was done with this part!

So now I think we're back to the three original choices from before. I am going to talk to my caterer to see what we can knock off the list to lower our costs. I.E. no open bar, not having the ceremony on the pier, etc. etc. I have to decide, really really decide, what type of wedding I want to have. Can a wedding be fun if there's no dancing involved? Is it kind of lame if you just come, eat and mingle, but eat really good food and then just go home? Having a wedding is ultimately about throwing a huge party isn't it? You want your guests to enjoy themselves but you also want to have fun fun fun! Can i eat at a buffet in my wedding dress and enjoy it?! Will i have good pictures?

People always tell the bride to make sure she does what SHE wants on the wedding day. But what happens when she has no idea what she wants?!?

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