Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2 in a row!

Go me!

Don't you hate it when you have to work extra hard before a vacation to take a vacation? Not only that, you know that once you come back you'll have work up the yin yang and probably work all the hours back that you took off. I want to move to Europe where EVERYBODY gets a month off for vacation. Thata be nice.

Anyway- does anyone know of an Asian-genre radio station? It'd be cool if I could drive home and hear random Vietnamese songs. It wouldn't be so bad singing along to Utada Hikaru when you're stuck in traffic. What did you say? Turn on my ipod? Put in a CD? Well, i have this weird thing where i actually like hearing the radio dj talk about nonsense, give me random information about a song/artist and give me the chance to win cool prizes... though i have yet to call a radio station... that's on my to-do-b4-i-die list. I wonder how much it costs to start a radio station? What if it was via internet, would it be cheaper? OOoO if i started my own radio station, i could play APC in between some Faye Wong and Andy Lau- how bad ass would that be? My radio name would be delilahkilledmydream. Too long?
You can call me dkmd for short.


Anonymous said...

you're friggin' hilarious. working extra hard before a vacation? you're supposed to be working hard every single day, woman!! haha. people here at the office are starting to comment on how they ALWAYS see me everyday. "have you even taken a vacation yet??" is what they ask me. of course, my answer is a "no." i think i'm a workaholic. i need help.

apparently a few years ago, my company used to give everyone a free one week off due to the fact that it's a japanese company. (i'm sure you've seen this mentioned in animes, but in japan there's something called "the golden week," where everyone gets a week off.)

aside from those podcast thingies and satellite radio, i haven't heard of a radio station where they play asian music. i'm cool with my ipod! i haaaaaaaaate the friggin' djs taking up precious amounts of my time talking about artists' personal lives. if i wanted to listen to talk radio, i'd put on AM instead of FM!

heh sleepyhead, you're quite ambitious, i must say. you wanted to start a religion in the past (which sounded worse than hedonism, based on its description), and now you want to start up a radio station? go do one of them podcast thingies. aren't those things free?

i remember my friend back in like 1998 or so (WAY BACK WHEN!), he set up his own little internet radio station straight from his dorm room using winamp. he had his own playlist and whatnot that i, along with a measly one other listener, was able to listen to. hilarious.

and how did delilah kill your dream? hahaha. OH! another one of my co-workers from friggin' seattle's even heard of her. this lady's more famous than i thought!!

if you start your own radio station, though, you gotta have some cheesy music for your audience to let them know you're coming back from commercial break. "hanhiiiie, love someone toniiiiiight." hahahahaha. *dies laughing at his desk* oh oh oh, can you make that your voice mail please? if i need a good laugh at the end of the day, i shall call you. lol.

honglien123 said...

delilah's still around? wow.

Hanh said...

delilah sucked the life out of rrromantic love songs and changed it into a spirtual hillbilly show.