Friday, October 05, 2007


2 more weeks until I get to go home.

I hope once i reach my mom's house, there's some weird vegetarian dish with cold rice sitting out on the table for me to eat so i can complain about it.

Good times.


amazing said...

i don't think i told you (maybe i have?), but recently i was watching the Travel Channel and this one dude was in Vietnam eating, well, Viet food. exotic dishes, to be specific.

they skinned a friggin' LIVE snake and ate it! then took a shot of its blood mixed with some alcohol!!

needless to say, i was in awe.

then i pictured you eating the reptile and drinking its essence of life.

interesting visual, don't you think? =P

hanh said...

that has got to be the most weirdest effed up comment i've ever received in my life!

amazing said...

hahahahaha well i have to say some weird f'd up thing to make sure you remember my existence! (it's actually your fault, though. if you weren't viet, i wouldn't have thought of you ;P)

btw... i would love to play the wii with you!! except i don't have one; my sister does ;(

oh, that reminds me of an e-mail exchange between a couple of my male co-workers that i was cc'd on a few months ago:

co-worker #1: we should all gather one weekend and play Madden or something.

co-worker #2: anybody want to play with my wii?

co-worker #1: yes, i want to play with your wii-wii.

as immature as that response was, i was dying of laughter. hahah. d'oh.