Monday, October 15, 2007

Awesomely bad is a great adjective

I really wish I could blog at work. My mind spews out random thoughts when i'm trying to back information into a fake number that someone wants. I had a .4323 second thought of going back to Xanga because it has yet to be blocked at work, but then I was like nahh... not worth it. I'm not going to go back and forth on blogs depending on my work environment. I'm going to TRY to take some time in between me getting home from work and laying in bed to blog.

So... some random/not so random things going on:

I've picked up this awesomely bad habit where I wear my flip flops from my condo to the car, drive with them on, and switch to my heels once I get to work. I picked it up when I was driving a stick shift doing the whole stop and go thing for an hour for 2 hours a day. Needless to say, my feet were not happy in those heels. Anyway, now that winter is around the corner, my feet aren't happy with the nippy 5 minutes worth of cold it feels as my car is heating up. I need to find an alternative. Sneakers may be too much, i have to wear socks... take the socks off and put on my heels. Closed toe slippers may be too slippery on the bottom.... what else is there?? Hmm...

Speaking of awesomely bad habit, i don't know if this is a habit or a trait, but i am one lazy emmer effer. Sure, there are some instances where I get spurts of energy and i'll just want to clean or i don't mind doing stuff after i eat... but most of the time, damn, i just want to sit around and be amused. And by be amused i mean, where I sit around, not have to do anything and be amused. That's how lazy I am... since no one wants to amuse someone who doesn't talk back, i get bored and agitated real easily. I know, i could play one of the games i have, chat, watch t.v... but me? Lazy. Rather sleep the time away then find something to amuse myself with. It's a vicious depressing psychotic cycle. At least I've realized it. Step 2. Do something about it.

I have learned and followed football more than I ever had in my whole life this season. I know about my hometown team the Patriots, that's fine and dandy- But stuff like #1 losing to #13 in college football, all the big upsets? Colts 5-0? Packers 5-1? Redskins has never beaten the Packers? Patriots kicked the Cowboys' ass and Owens is a big penis? I know players' names now?!? WTF?!! How the hell was I able to retain this knowledge??? Two months ago, i didn't even understand what the heck 1st and 3rd meant.

SERIOUSLY. New hobby besides following football needed.

My BF calls me a fake fanatic. I kind of like it.


amazing said...

yeah, don't you just hate it when you come up with something to blog about, and that's when you don't have access to the computer?!

that's messed up that your work doesn't ban xanga, but bans blogspot. haha. maybe they figure that most adults have moved on from sites like xanga, livejournal, and other blogging sites where the majority of bloggers are teenagers. mmm... your company's smart =D

maybe you should change before you go on long drives, whether it'd be getting a new pair of shoes (not heels) or even some casual clothes. one of my co-workers do that. i thought it was weird at first, but then again, i've never really worn a dress before so i wouldn't know how uncomfortable that is =P

i know you got a bf already, but a lot of guys out there are appreciative of females who know something about sports. (not in a "i want to marry you"-kinda way!!)

you're gonna kill me with that whole anime stuff. i watched two episodes last night, and i watched another this morning before leaving for work. ugh. if i get addicted, i WILL blame you!!

the story's getting weirder and weirder, though...

Hanh said...

i spoke too soon. Xanga is officially banned. I can't even LOOK at it like i can do with my blog. They've also taken away my "leave a comment" privleges.

You actually have time in the morning to watch Anime?! Control yourself!

amazing said...

hahaha that's wack that your company banned Xanga too. i mean, what's wrong with blogging at work? i just spoke to another one of my co-workers down in the Atlanta Branch, and she's talking about how she accidentally posted on her "wall". i was like, "whaaat??" apparently, she was talking about some feature they got on Facebook. haha. *clueless*... but people are checking networking sites! is that banned at your place too??

OMG trying to figure out what the sequence of the anime episodes you sent me killed 20 minutes of my time this morning! (yet i was still able to watch one because, hey, i'm the man.)

one of the two sites you sent me has the wrong episode numbers, so after watching about a minute of one episode, i realize the story didn't make any sense =(

honglien123 said...

Bodhidharma, look him up. Gained enlightenment by staring at a wall. You're not being lazy just as I'm not being lazy when I sit in my office and stair at my ceiling. We're just thinking random profound thoughts or enjoying the peace of no thoughts whatsoever. Time well spend I think.