Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Fools

Is "Having a Dream Job" all a myth? Should I let go of that notion?! Can it ever stay over 60 degrees during the freaking spring?! When will I be able to eat solid food again??

This is depressing... please leave me links I can read/check on daily.

GOOoOo Matsuzaka.

And to leave you something that isn't freaking gloomy:


amazing said...

stop asking so many questions, damnit. because i have the tendency to go on and on for any and every question directed towards me. i'll be writing essays on your comments! and i don't think you'd wanna read that ;P

but on the real though, GO MATSUZAKA!! JaPaNeSE PrYdE bAyBiE!! (plus i despise the yankees.. and i just bought a bosox hat for that reason, even though i'm not exactly a fan of that team. lol.)

aMAZing said...

ok let me re-phrase. i didn't mean questions directed towards "me"... just generally speaking!

and awwww... what a cute kid!!

amazing said...

please entertain me with another one of your lovely blog entries, as i'm stuck here at work half-asleep and need something to read to keep me awake. (i couldn't get ANY sleep last night, and it didn't help that someone texted me at 1:30 AM!!)