Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The visit went well, kind-of. The weather totally sucked, so we didn't get to go into D.C. at all, just a lot of shopping and eating. Anyway throughout these 5 days, I've realized a couple things about my mom:

1. She's crazy. Like absolute. Before she use to be like a regular mom and say things like, eat your vegetables, and then it became to eat your vegetables- they're healthy for you, to crazy things like eat cabbage and greenbeans but not squash because this and that is good for your hair to grow out and lets you sleep better, but this makes your muscles weak. Where the hell does she get this info from?!

2. She's a trash talker. She was kicking all of our asses in wii bowling. and she was all like... Psh. Why would i want to play a second game? I already won! and was all high and mighty. Must be all the cereal you ate mom!
(i love how i talk to my mom on this and there will be no way in heaven or hell that she'll ever find my blog and even if she did, would never read it, and even if she tried, wouldn't understand it)

3. She's a cleaning fanatic. I admit, what mom isn't right? Especially an Asian mom, but seriously, me and MMT cleaned the house the night before they landed, and she still managed to try to clean the house as soon as she stepped into the condo!! and STILL called me messy.

4. She's crazy.

5. Every 5 minutes she gives me "advice" on what to eat, when to sleep, how to clean, what to eat, what to eat, what to eat (oh my god i just realized she didn't say anything to me about my weight!!!), what to eat, that i should go to a buddhist retreat so i can learn to be stress free, what to eat, buddhist retreat, and how to clean.

6. She's crazy.
7. She's crazy.
8. She's crazy.
9. She's crazy.

10. She's very good at driving me crazy.


honglien123 said...

LOL, sounds like my mom. Does your mom whip out the yellow horoscope books too? I swear, the whole food thing is totally weird. I always hear that some fruits could actually make you "hot" even though it's something you'd think was benign like, watermelon?

amazing said...

hahaha coming from an asian family like you, things are pretty similar in mine too as far as food goes... to the point where the mom gets annoying! so-and-so is good for your eyes, so-and-so will give you energy. blahblahblah!

i'm not sure where my mom gets the information from either, but i think they have updates like this on the news all the time? i know for a fact that japan, specifically, is pretty obsessive about health. maybe that's why generally speaking we're one of, if not, the longest-living people on the planet...?

lol @ the thought of your mom playing wii bowling. that wii sports game is FUN, though, right?! i work up a good sweat every time i play! of course the baseball + tennis + boxing are all > bowling ;P

and what the heck is your mom doing cleaning up YOUR house? haha. that's messed up! you and your bf's ego must've been crushed, like, "why did we even bother cleaning the house up the night before for??" hire a maid or something to do all the housework ;P

and of course she's not gonna say anything about your weight. it's not like you're overweight!

i'm falling asleep at my cubicle right now and it's only 9:16 AM. i think i'll write an entry later to wake myself up... well, that is if i can think of a topic.

Hedgehog said...

hi there just came to your blog from honglien's blog. My mum kept going on about how thin I am and that I have to eat particularly things as well. :D Guess all Asian mums are a bit obsessed with what their kids eat (no matter how old their kids are)