Friday, April 20, 2007

Because I'm a Girl (part 2)...

I L O V E custom design stuff, I love the option of making something my own way. I hate that I'm not artistic enough to do it myself. I love finding websites that do them for you.

Someone stop me before I actually buy one!!!
(Custom Designed by HTT (me)):

Now I wish I was visiting home... just for a few hours to make one of these.


amazing said...

lol... just looking at these makes me glad i'm not a girl. i don't know how much those things cost, but i've already dropped like $35 for a customized hat. well, hats to be specific. yikes. how much are those? $90? $100??

honglien123 said...

Woman, what'd you have to go and post that link for? Now I MUST.RESIST.BUYING.MORE.PURSES! (Though it be futile.)

amazing said...

supposed to be 86 degrees today? what the heck?! i think it's time to hit the beach or something and build sand castles. too bad it had to be on a friggin' monday. haha.

update, update... for your viewing pleasure! well, last thursday!