Thursday, April 12, 2007


Because summer is coming and I want to look H O T in a bathingsuit/bikini/swimwear I've been watching what I eat and hitting the gym (semi-regularly). I usually pack lunch and eat until I'm satisfied, not full, and in that way I'm not in a food coma in my cube from 2-4pm. Anywhoo... no lunch packed today, didn't feel like a salad, so I decided to go for the double cheeseburger from MC'Ds w/ fries (of course) and to balance it all out, drank water.

Realization: Water does not go very well with fast food, actually it tastes like crap and doesn't really wash down all the fast food taste.
Damn, I'm dying for a Coke right now.

My parents are flying in tonight, coincidentally the same time Mr. Man T's parents are coming into town. I might start drinking right at 5 to live through it.

Oh shit, i just realized Mr. Man T's... okay writing that is just way too ridiculously long, from now on, my bf is known as, "bf" or MMT, MMT sounds cool... oooppps, realized MMT's new boss freaking works at AOL, I'm going to have to persuade him to bring back scrambler... oh and V. 3.0 if possible.


amazing said...

hahaha. funny thing is, maybe i'm subconsciously preparing for the summmer too... i was just listening to "rump shaker" the other day and reminiscing about watching the video as a youngin' =P

it's like 2 pm here and i haven't eaten yet. not really hungry either. some days i eat, some days i don't. my eating routine's f'd up. if i ever get married, wifey better be persistent on me eating if she's gonna want me around a while!!

i think mapquest has some deal with aol, too. when my sister used to work for the company, aol gave her and everyone else at mapquest a FREE SCREEN NAME! =O what version of aol are they on nowadays anyway? i think i saw 9.0 a year and a half ago, and that ish looked HIDEOUS. i'll be more than happy to play scrambler with you again if they come out with an AIM version of it!!

Hanh said...

You get in the summer mood by listening to bad ghetto music??

I'll work on the aim version of scrambler stat!

amazing said...

oh pssssh, c'mon now. like when you first hear the beginning of "rump shaker" beat, your body doesn't react to it and it doesn't wanna make you start dancing? haha. oh wait, that's not exactly a question i should be asking you, huh? =P but seriously though, that song plus "i gotta man" or "bust a move" -- those are old school party classics! they're not all exactly summer joints, but whatever! you can still bump it in your ride =P

what the heck's a scrambler stat??

twocentsworth said...

haha, both sets of parents, eh? good luck with that! let us all know how it goes. :-D

amazing said...

update, update. i updated mine! save me from this monotony of sitting in a cubicle, pleaaaaase.